This Is the World's Smallest Hydroponic System

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Lovers of tiny homegrown horticulture, rejoice. This is the LabBox Grower, a hydroponic grow box that's here to assist you in your quest to produce very small herbs. And—of course—it's got Twitter integration.


The LabBox Grower, from the PocketGrow, is a brightly lit adventure in miniaturization. And it's got a few technological treats thrown in as well:

The system is made of a few distinct elements: the LabBox Grower itself, with specially selected high intensity LEDs and a nutrient delivery mechanism; the LabBox brain, a controller that automates watering cycles, light schedules, and temeratires; and finally, an iPhone (surprise), through which the whole thing is controlled.


No word on price yet, but you can expect it to be available in January. [PocketGrow via Core77]

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Zachary Oberle

world's smallest hydro system? I think not. People have been getting stoned and seeing how small of a plant they can yield off of forever.