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This Is What 'Snowfall of the Century' Looks Like in Moscow

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Moscow got more than 18 inches of snow on Sunday and Monday, the typical total for a month.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin called it “the snowfall of the century,” according to Reuters. The heavy snowfall has already killed one, injured at least 22, and destroyed more than 2,000 trees—just from the snow weight. This snowstorm was so bad that Russia even had to send in the military: 100 soldiers, two snow plows, and a truck came through one Moscow district to clear the snow. And, of course, schools were closed Monday.


The last time it snowed this bad in Moscow was back in 1957, reports CNN. Most of the human injuries were related to traffic incidents, so city officials are asking residents to stay home or use public transportation. The main point, though: Don’t get in your car and drive. Even walking seems a little tricky with these conditions.


“I have just left home but have already fallen over because the snow has not been cleared from the pavement,” Lilya Belkina, a resident, told Reuters. “It is very difficult to cross the road.”

It’s been difficult for planes to take off, too. More than 100 flights were delayed, and almost 30 flights were canceled. After all, not only did snow strike the city; temperatures dipped to five degrees Fahrenheit, though they should reach 12 degrees in the next couple of days.


At least it won’t be snowing anymore.

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