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This Luxurious Stealth Bicycle Is Clad in Crocodile Skin

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

From a distance, this bike looks like a stealthy cycle in plain black. Get a little closer, though, and you'll realize that it is, in fact, covered in luxurious crocodile skin.

A concept in "reclaiming mass produced and generic objects by re-issuing them as individual and unique pieces," it was put together by Paris-based Watch Life With Curiosity. The handcrafted fixie required 90 hours to put together, much of that eaten up by its unique crocodile skin cladding.

Four 8-year-old reclaimed crocodile skins were used to wrap the lightweight aluminum frame, handlebar, saddle, brakes and pedals of the bicycle. The result costs $20,000, though—which means you better really love crocodile skin if you're going to get it. [Watch Life With Curiosity via Design Boom]