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Welcome to Reading List, a quick tour of this week's great prose around the interwebs. So, how's your Sunday going? Fall is in full swing, and we have a full plate of tech coming up this week. Embrace the slowness of Sundays and take a look at some of these long reads around the web you might have missed. We've got great write ups from Wired, Fast Company, The Atlantic, and New York Magazine for your reading pleasure.

  • John Kane and Andre Nestor discovered an in-game bug on the virtual poker machine, Game King. Hundreds of thousands of dollars later, Pennsylvania state police crash through the duo's front door with a battering ram. This is how winning in Vegas can cost more than money. [Wired]
  • Shampoo kind of sucks. Not only can some lather irritate your skin but products exist just to reverse the damage that shampoo does to your hair. Some experts think there's a better solution that also results in better doos. [Fast Company]
  • The internet may be the greatest democratic tool ever created by mankind by delivering all human knowledge to our laptops and smartphones, but it's only as free as long as companies can maintain a safe place for discourse. Unfortunately, social media sites are letting women down. [The Atlantic]
  • As the proliferation of drone tech trickles down to every facet of our lives, it's probably important to ask "What are drones, really?" Benjamin Wallace-Wells explores this question through every machine we describe as "drone," whether for hobby, Hollywood, or war. [New York Magazine]

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