This Modified Nintendo Power Glove Will Make You the Lord of Drones

Nintendo’s Power Glove is a favorite among hackers looking for new uses for the decades-old peripheral. This latest project puts humanity in dominion over our quadcopter subordinates.

Hackaday spotted this ingenious tinkerer during Maker Faire in late May. The glove itself has been completely gutted and filled with modern components, including flex sensors on each finger. Simple hand gestures, like pointing up/down or turning your wrist, send directional commands to the drone, effectively turning this ’90s child plaything into a drone-controlling gauntlet.

Here’s a longer look with considerably more shaky cam:

This hack is well, very hacky, and overall control of the drone is pretty wonky. But for a retrofitted Power Glove, it’s surprisingly accurate. You can read more about how creator Nolan Moore made these drone gloves over at Hackaday.



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This would be the best halloween costume accessory ever. Dress up as Darth Vader, make the glove black, and control your candy basket (slung under a drone) using “The Force”.