It's kind of hard not to like mashups. They're gimmicky after a while, but it's fun to hear songs you know and love mixed with other songs you know and love. When you take two artists you know and love and create a whole mashup album, it's crazy fun.

Amerigo Gazaway is doing a whole series of these. First up is Mos Def—who's now known as Yasiin Bey but it's hard not to call him Mos Def—and Marvin Gaye. Hip hop and soul work really well together, and quite frankly, these two artists are perfect for each other. That's probably why Gazaway is calling the series "Soul Mates."


The album is out, and it's perfect. The effect reminds me of the Grey Album but somehow more seductive. (Marvin Gaye was always good at that.) While it looks like there are some copyright issues with downloading the entire album at once, you can find and download all of the songs on Soundcloud.