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This Most Amazing Time Lapse Shows The Beautiful Life of a City

Call it vapid, call it fake, call it soul sucking. Go ahead. Complain about the traffic, complain about the people, complain about the smog. You can say whatever you want but the fact is this: Los Angeles is so very beautiful. Don't believe me? Watch this time lapse video of LA by Colin Rich which shows you all of Los Angeles, as it moves from day to night, in all its gorgeous glory.


The flashing lights, the crowded freeways. The lovely beaches, the beautiful hills. The sometimes stars, the expansive city. It's a unique place, all right. Colin Rich, who is a master with the time lapse, says this about his video 'Nightfall':

Nightfall in particular is my favorite time to shoot time lapse. Capturing the transition from day to night while looking back at the city as the purple shadow of Earth envelopes the eastern skyline and the warm distant twinkling halogen lights spark to life and give the fading sun a run for her money—this will never grow old or boring to me.


Colin said that most of the linear motion control shots were captured using a FloatCam DC Slider, whatever it was, it's lovely. You might not love the City of Angels but after watching Colin's video, you can't deny its beauty. [Colin Rich, Colin Rich Vimeo]

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I'm actually surprised you can see so much of it through the smog.