This Motion Phone Dock Tracks You Everywhere You Go

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This is one of those ideas you have to see in action in order to appreciate. Instead of shooting quivering, MySpace-y footage of yourself with your phone, this base will sit steady and automatically pivot to keep you in frame.


Stick the Satarii base on the ground, a bench, a kitchen counter—wherever!—or even on a tripod. Then, mark yourself with a small blue clip-on tag, and the base will start tracking—up to 180 degrees. I can imagine this would make a lot of common video shoots—children playing, FaceTime hellos, premeditated sex tapes—a lot easier, and a lot better looking. Our phones are increasingly equipped with some pretty killer video recording powers, but sticking them in your shaky hands tends to muck things up. The ability to have a video conversation via phone as I putter around the apartment sounds pretty terrific to me.

The team behind Satarii is currently a little over halfway to their goal of $20,000 via Kickstarter clone IndieGoGo, so here's hoping they get the rest of the cash to pull this off. [Satarii via PetaPixel]


chauncy that billups

This is great, but the blue dot dongle has to go. I realize it needs something to track - but most camera software will let you track faces. This should do the same. v2.0, I guess.