This Old Mill Hides a Beautiful Secret Stash of Alcohol

This old mill in Eigeltingen, Germany isn't just a relic of an ancient past, it's actually a fully functional distillery. Seriously. You might not believe it but behind those doors hides a beautiful stash of alcohol

Those doors, man. They look so inviting, with the inviting golden light and the escape from snow and the promise of alcohol... and the promise of alcohol... and the promise of alcohol. The mill was restored for Stählemühle, a company that makes fruit brandies in Germany. The mill has an actual distillery, a showroom and tasting areas for people to drink. It's just lovely inside, take a look:

If you want to see how Stählemühle operates in this mill, watch the video to the left. For more pictures of the lovely distillery, check out Architizer. [Architizer, Image Credit: Ingmar Kurth]


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