From the right angle, Josh Carmody's Legless Bar Stool looks like it's one leg shy of safely resisting the pull of gravity. But it's just an optical illusion made possible by some clever woodworking, and in reality it has all the legs necessary to remain upright.


The stool's unique form factor isn't just eye-catching, though, it actually adds some genuine functionality. The crossbeam that helps create the illusion of a missing leg also provides a spot to store a bag and keep it off a bar's sticky floor.

That alone could make it worth your money once Josh gets his online store running on his site. And once it is, you'll be able to order the stool in your choice of Walnut, Oak, or Ash woods, with an oil finish to help protect it against the occasional bewildered spit-take. [Josh Carmody via Notcot]

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