On the rocky shore of La Grande Motte, a seaside resort in the south of France, a reflective facade is turning the horizon-line into a kaleidoscopic head-trip. Breath Box is an installation composed of hundreds of mirrored panels that move in time with the wind. A word of advice: Don't stare directly into this super shiny wall.

The trio of fellas at Montpelier-based NAS Architecture created the interactive structure for the (aptly named) Festival des Architectures Vives—or Festival of Lively Architecture.

Each flap is like a little Laugh-In-style peekaboo door, so people can poke their heads (or hands) through and say hello to whoever's on the other side.

Visitors can cruise along the front, which looks out onto the sea, or move around to the back, which is cast in dramatic geometric shadows from a slatted structure that provides a bit of cover from the sun.

Provided no one's getting burned, melted, or blinded by the light (on land or by boat), this would be totally cool to see up close. Did anyone out there have a chance to check it out? [Domus]