This Samsung Galaxy S II Started Burning In a Man's Pocket And Almost Blew His Nuts Off

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It's not just iPhones that are blowing up these days, this Samsung Galaxy S II almost exploded in a man's pants. Seriously. Could you imagine if your phone caught fire and started burning everything in your nether regions? Ouchouchouch.

According to an XDA-developer forum member, his friend first heard a sound and then felt a burning sensation on his leg. Acting quickly, he pulled everything from his pockets and saw that his Galaxy S II was smoking. You can see the burn damage near the battery and SIM card port. You wonder what kind of damage could have happened if he didn't move quicker.


What's crazy is that the phone was brand new (only two weeks old) and that it was just idly sitting in his pockets before it started burning. So people, be careful here. If your phone is getting hot, get it out of your pants. Nobody wants their nuts exploded. [XDA Developers via RegHardware]