The motion and gentle click-clacking that emanate from this art installation, put together by a pair of Finnish artists, is so soothing it could send you to sleep—in a good way.

Tommi Grönlund and Petteri Nisunen's Unstable Matter is built from a thin sheet of MDF, which supports several thousand bearings—but only enough to cover about two thirds of the five-foot-square surface. A motor beneath the table gently tilts the structure, causing the ball bearings to roll and interact with each other.


The result's a mesmeric and soothing effect, which is better than any lullaby—and I can't stop watching it. The installation is, in fact, part of a larger exhibition of the pair's work, on show at Berlin's Esther Schipper Gallery this month. [This Is Colossal via Co.Design]