This Self-Winding Charging Cable Is an Even Better Fidget Toy

In a time when frivolous mental distractions are an especially important part of everyday life, a simple idea for an upgraded charging cable that can wind and organize itself could become the most entertaining gadget on your desk.


The SuperCalla cable, available in various versions that support USB-A, USB-C, microUSB, and Apple’s Lightning ports, features a wire that’s wrapped in an alternating pattern of flexible silicone sleeves and magnetic rings. The design not only lends strength and durability to the cable (at the cost of it being a little on the chunky side) it also allows the cable to almost wrap itself into a neat and tidy coil that will stay wound without the need for velcro straps or other restraints.

The magnets facilitate several different cable organization approaches, not just coils.
The magnets facilitate several different cable organization approaches, not just coils.
Photo: Kickstarter

The magnets are strong, but not so strong that the cable can’t be easily unwrapped with a gentle tug, so the added functionality doesn’t impede the overall usability of the SuperCalla. And as with any device featuring magnets, the upgrade turns what is essentially a boring wire into another fidget-friendly desktop toy, and the perfect distraction for the endless video conference calls we all have to sit through now.

The SuperCalla’s creators have launched the product through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign with the intent of raising $10,000 to facilitate the start of manufacturing, but to date, it has managed to raise close to $300,000 with 26 days still to go. As with any crowdfunded product, there’s always risk involved, and while the team behind this one already has a handful of successful Kickstarters and shipped products under their belts, the current challenges around the world could lead to both manufacturing and shipping delays. If you’re still interested, a pledge of $19 lets you pre-order one of the cables, with whatever connector you need, and delivery expected sometime in June if all goes according to plan.

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Peter still hates Kinja

You’re saying it’s a perfect fidget toy, but it hasn’t shipped yet? Did they send you one? Or are you just pitching it on blind faith?