This Site Automatically Saves Your Favorite Username on New Services

Boy do you have to be quick when signing up for new services these days. Dilly-dally a little and you'll find that your favorite username has already been snapped up. Now, a new startup called Earlyclaim can automatically reserve your favorite username for you.

"This is an effort to help people create a consistent online identity," Earlyclaim cofounder Alessandro Marchesini tells Fast Company.


Once you sign up with Earlyclaim — and be quick about it; more than7,600 names had already been snapped up by the time I registered — you username will be automatically registered to new services that join the site. You can choose to be automatically registered to sites in certain categories — useful, if, for instance, you happen to be interested in new photography or music services.

If you sign up, the only caveat is that you'll have a set time limit to claim your account on a new site after being automatically registered for it — after which it's up for grabs.

Earlyclaim just opened up registrations from August 9, so it's still very new. Give it a spin and tell me how it goes for you? [Fast Company]

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