Like the Cuddle Clones website, the people behind a Toronto-based company called Pibborafi want to create a stuffed clone of your beloved pet dog. But unlike Cuddle Clones, only a select few pups will be chosen since the process is completely free, and they have to be rescue dogs to even be considered.

It’s an entirely different business model altogether. Where as Cuddle Clones creates custom one-off plush versions of a client’s pet, sometimes for as much as $200, Pibborafi instead intends to sell the stuffed version of your dog as part of its ever-expanding line of plush toys, so it does it for free.


You can submit your rescued dog for consideration on the Pibborafi website, and if it gets chosen to be made into a plush toy, you’ll get the first two to come off the assembly line absolutely free. There is zero cost to you if your pet is chosen, you don’t even have to cover the shipping fees.


But at the same time, as part of the process you also give Pibborafi all of the rights to then sell the plush version of your dog, as many as it wants, anywhere it wants, and you will never see a single penny of the profits or royalties. Even if your dashing German Shepherd goes on to sell a billion toys, your only takeaway from the experience will be two stuffed clones, and the satisfaction that your dog is bringing a lot of other people joy.

There is also some satisfaction in the fact that Pibborafi is dedicated to helping to spread the message about adopting a pet from an animal shelter instead of supporting puppy mills or pet stores. And if a family chooses to buy one of its toy dogs for $15 instead of the real thing, it could also mean one less animal ending up in a shelter if they weren’t properly prepared for the challenges of pet ownership.



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