Navigating a city with a child in a stroller is hard enough, but imagine doing the same with a set of twins. Those double strollers are like driving a miniature bus, and you'll always be on the hunt for ramps, elevators, or a long way around a set of stairs. It's a problem that designer Jade Olsson may have just created a solution for—thanks to her six-wheeled T(w)o Go stroller concept, which can keep rolling right on up a flight of stairs.

Designed to sit a set of twins side-by-side, the stroller is not only lightweight and easy to collapse for stashing in a trunk, it also appears to be a lot more nimble, which is perfect for navigating crowded areas. The unique design of the wheels let the stroller roll up and onto steps with minimal fuss, and descend them just as easily.


There does appear to be a few issues with stability—if you let go of that handle, the stroller might just dump your kids out. But that's a small risk to take when the alternative is having to carry a set of twins up and down stairs. [Jade Olsson via designboom]