This Slim Toaster Has Clever Heated Pockets To Keep Your Toast Warm

Here's the trade-off: if you want a slim toaster that doesn't gobble up too much counter space, you're going to be limited to how much toast you can make. But the Easy Toaster from Russel Hobbs incorporates a nice workaround. You can only toast two slices of bread at one time, but a pair of pockets on the outside steal heat from the toaster's elements to keep your breakfast warm while more slices toast.

The $56 Easy Toaster is particularly well-suited to cramped apartment kitchens because its flat-backed design means you can push it up against a wall so its minimally intrusive on your counters. And, its high-lift feature—something every toaster should have had from day one—makes it easy to snatch your toast without putting your fingers in dangerous proximity to red hot heating elements. [Russell Hobbs via Appliancist]


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