Most multi-device charging solutions are kind of an eyesore, but we’re all used to seeing a toaster sitting on a kitchen counter, right? That’s the theory behind the Foaster which camouflages a charging dock as a household appliance.

The inside of the Foaster can be configured with charging ports for whichever mobile devices you regularly use, be it microUSB, Lightning, or even Apple’s old dock connector. To charge a device you simply stick it in one of the faux toaster’s two top slots, and the dock conveniently only needs a single connection to a wall outlet.


For larger devices that can’t squeeze into the Foaster’s top slots, pressing down on its fake lever actually causes the dock to spread apart, revealing two additional 2.4 amp slots for tablets to charge as well.

Unfortunately the Foaster isn’t available just yet, but if you’re interested in finally slaying that giant rat’s nest of charging cables that’s slowly taking over your kitchen counter, the Foaster site will happily take your contact details and keep you posted own when it’s available for sale or pre-order.

[Foaster via Taxi]

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