There are many, many, awesome figures of Spider-Man out there. Which isn’t surprising, since the character makes a buttload of cash for Marvel. But this latest “Spectacular Spider-Man” version from Diamond Select might be one of the best comic-true renderings of Peter Parker that there’s ever been.

It’s been a few years since the Marvel Select toy line took a crack at Spider-Man and even longer since they did one based on the comics rather than the recent movies. So this latest figure has a lot of ground to cover. Impressively, it re-outfits Spider-Man in such a great way that it makes it feel like it’s worth adding this updated figure to your collection, instead of just buying the billionth Spider-Man toy.


Aside from the fantastic range of articulation on the 7-inch figure that gives it the proportional flexibility of a spider/man hybrid like Peter, where this toy really shines is the plethora of little accessories it comes with. Alternate “thwip” hands are a must for Spidey, but closed and open hands for punching/wallcrawling are a welcome addition. There’s also an alternate Peter Parker head, complete with a trusty camera for comic book’s most famous photojournalist as well as a brilliantly sculpted “loose” mask for him to hold, like the figure has just nonchalantly pulled it off.


It’s all little stuff, but the details gives this Spider-Man a great deal of personality, and it makes for a great looking figure. The whole package looks even better when Diamond Select takes it out for its traditional “real world” publicity pictures, which are so much more fun than a picture of the figure on a stark white background.

As with plenty of the Marvel Select line, Spectacular Spider-Man will be an exclusive to online orders and Disney stores. It’ll set you back $30 at Marvel’s own web store when it releases at the end of next month.


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