This Stop-Motion Video Is the Amazing Geology Lesson You Never Had

What happens when you take 60 rocks from 15 different countries all around the world, capture 8,500 photographs of them and string them together into a three-minute stop motion video? The geology lesson you always wanted is what.


Created by Christophe Thockler, the video (below) shows off rocks ranging from Madagascan Actinolite from Madagascar to Moroccan Wulfenite. He explains his thinking behind the video:

In this video, I obviously wanted to work with the beautiful textures of the rocks and tried to add something dynamic and kinetic effects to enhance the sequences. That’s why a large amount of shots are done mixing stop motion and motion design... I like to think about the idea that the casting of this video is made of ancient majestic characters from all around the world, it’s also a tribute to nature, with small bits of our planet dancing together during three minutes.

If you want to continue the lesson, you can see a full listing of all the the 60 rock types here.

[Christophe Thockler]