This Strip of Tiny Speakers Could Replace Your Entire Home Theater Setup

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Building a kick-ass home theater requires lots of money and lots of space for speakers, amps, and other equipment. But THX wants to replace all of that with their new Steerable Line Array speaker system that can discreetly hide under your massive TV.


As the name implies, the system uses an array of 92 speakers in total: 30 low, 30 mid-range, and 32 high-end tweeters that blast sound through a 1.4-inch tall gap. The system allows the sound to be directed more precisely, creating eight individual sweet spots that can be targeted directly via a wireless app running on a smartphone or tablet during setup.

Furthermore, to accomodate the large number of speakers THX also had to develop a new 100-watt amplifier that connects to each driver and only runs when the speaker is needed. This results in a smaller power draw, and in turn less heat minimizing the need for cooling hardware and reducing the overall size of the system.

Pricing and availability for the new home theater technology hasn't been announced yet, but THX has been developing it for a few years now, so what's a few more months to make sure they've worked out all the kinks? [Popular Science]


Great fun. Recreating surround sound ideas concieved in the 70s and abandoned because mucking with phase to create a false sense of surround sound makes for a terribly tiring listening experience. Everything old is new again. And this will only appeal to philistines that rather pay a lot for shit, if invisible loudspeakers than for decent, visible loudspeakers.

Fake innovation like this is why loudspeaker designs from the 70s can still hold their own against the lateat and greatest.