This Two-Month Timelapse Gives You a Free Front Row Seat on a Mediterranean Cruise

Even a heavily discounted ocean cruise is still going to cost you a few hundred dollars, which is money you don’t have to spend thanks to Fran Garcia, who mounted a GoPro camera to the freighter he was working on as it sailed back and forth across the Mediterranean Sea.


The round trip goes from Algeciras, Spain to the port of Sidi Kerir in Egypt, and during the freighter’s two months at sea it experiences everything from star-filled skies at night, to thunderstorms and tumultuous waters. There’s no shuffleboard, which is obviously the highlight of any cruise. But at the end of this voyage you won’t have the guilt of over-indulging at the buffet.

[YouTube via Likecool]



I love these videos! I use one from JeffHK (?) from youtube in my Hazmat training class. I cannot link to it because I’m at work but here’s a screenshot. Those “boxes” are the same containers you see travelling over the road. These ships are enormous! How they manage to separate the hazmat and keep the ships from capsizing is mind-boggling (I don’t even want to think about the days before computers).