How about the Micrashell’s camera? It has a neat feature that adds an extra POV camera that connects with your phone through an app, so you can quickly take pictures and videos. No. Major red flag. The Micrashell has a phone pouch on the left forearm to store your phone and access it without touching it, but since the suit comes with an extra POV camera that connects to it, some club creeper could easily take inappropriate pictures of people without their knowledge since they don’t have to hold their phone up.


The future of clubbing doesn’t need to be so complex and dramatic. Just do as the cybergoths do: strap on a mask. Also, carry sanitizer, don’t have sex in grungy bathrooms, and just be smart about the things (and people) you touch. We don’t know what life will look like post covid-19, but something as dramatic as a full body suit is something better left for fiction novels. (Also, why make a suit with easy accessibility for having sex if the whole point of the Micrashell is to keep you safe from infection? Is there some weird, Demolition Man shit going on with this suit that we don’t know about yet?)

I know the cybergoth look is ridiculous to some people, combining goth, rivethead, and raver fashions like oh my god just pick one! But let me be clear, the cybergoth way is far superior to this full-body suit when trying to club in a post-pandemic world. I was wearing plastic, sci-fi Soviet-lookalike masks before the government made a mask wearing mandatory. Were they functioning masks? Hell no! But they could be modified into functioning masks. The dancing is also more social distance friendly, if, admittedly, strange and aggressive. Standing six-feet away from someone else on the dance floor is common sense if you don’t want to get kicked in the shins or punched in the face.