This Video Captures What the World Looks Like Through Prisma

If we saw this on an airplane we’d probably throw up. Luckily, it’s just a video.

This comes from the Juliet Zulu creative agency, which sent a team out last year to film an ad campaign for a sportswear company. After the project was wrapped, they found that they had hours of footage from across the world that hadn’t been used.

So they did what any of us would do: ran all that video through a filter app. And Prisma is the trendiest one right now, so why not?


To the team behind the video, it’s less of an arbitrary rendering and an almost allegorical experience of what it was like traveling around the world. On the Vimeo page, they wrote:

“This project is an exploration of those bits and pieces we collected over the 9 months that we floated somewhere between dreaming and waking life, small vignettes that, through the implementation of this powerful app, seem to mimic the subjective experience of the jet lagged ponies that captured it.”

If anything, the video just makes us want to use Prisma even more. At its core, it’s another image filter app, but we want to look at the world like it’s in a kaleidoscope.


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Love Prisma, but how did they run video through it?

Even a frame by frame run is still limited to square aspects...!

Did they place the video frames in a square frame and then crop it???

Really want to know how they managed this.