This VR Proposal Will Warm Even the Coldest of Hearts

Conceptually I hate proposal videos; they feel emotionally cheap, but moreover, I’m one of those heartless single people who is neither endeared nor disdainful of happy couples.

But something about this extremely cute VR proposal just gets me. Sure, the whole thing “smacks of gender”— the guy asked his soon-to-be fiancé’s parents for permission, the woman needed help using the technology, marriage is a patriarchal structure to begin with. But in spite of that, I am thoroughly endeared. Love is real. Maybe I can even find it too. Yippee!!!!

Eve Peyser was the night editor at Gizmodo.

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You don’t “find” love.

You don’t “fall” in love.

You don’t “seek” love.

Love kidnaps you. Keeps you hostage against your will. Love is sabotage. Love is being blindsided, t-boned, you barely escape, then your car explodes, then a semi comes careening at you and you fall off a cliff and then when your body lies mangled at the bottom of a ditch, coyotes come and take some chunks and piss on you, and you’re still alive, and then you think, this isn’t so bad.