A Simple Website Helps Sort Your Movie-Watching Options

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Leanflix is a stripped-back website that rounds up the best movies from your favourite streaming (and pay-to-own) sites, sorts them by almost any criteria you could dream of, and spits out the results. It’s simple, effective, and everything you wish Netflix’s interface actually was.


The site — which is currently in beta — incorporates listings from Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, iTunes, and Amazon On Demand. You can filter by genre, year, a composite ‘Leanflix score’, or the more conventional Rotten Tomatoes/IMDB, depending on who you trust the most. Click on a title, and you get a summary of the details, along with direct links to view on your platform of choice.

Best of all is a watch list, which can finally help me keep track of the ‘oh, I should see that before it vanishes’ I have going on with about five sites right now. Other than that, there’s very little by the way of social interaction or profile pages — in other words, it’s exactly what a movie-recommendation system should look like. [Leanflix]


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idk, my bff rose

Pretty cool once I figured out how to narrow down the search fields. idk if it’s not user-intuitive or I just wasn’t intuitively using it.