Christopher Nolan is a great movie director but how would his genius and uh, love for darkness, translate into something like commercials? It'd probably be hilarious! Though let's be honest, if I saw a coffee commercial like Inception, Memento or The Dark Knight, I'd go out to the store and buy their coffee immediately.

Sketch Zord imagined a world where Nolan was as serious about his commercials as he is about his movies and boy it's fun to see. The rest of this week's top comedy videos, including building a human, prayers for partying, and more, can all be found over at Splitsider.


-Comedy Central renewed Nathan For You for a second season, and following Nathan Fielder's Twitter prank that went viral and destroyed parent-child relationships across the country.

-IFC launched a new web series starring James Adomian as Maron in Space and released a preview episode of Maron.

-We unveiled our new digital distribution label Splitsider Presents and premiered our first movie, documentary-comedy hybrid The Exquisite Corpse Project.


-Waynes World had its reunion, and the SNL library is moving to Yahoo in September.

-We talked to stand-up and author Jen Kirkman, stand-up and writer Michael Che, stand-up and Daily Show correspondent Al Madrigal, Veep and Arrested Development star Tony Hale, comedy group Olde English, and Tim & Eric's Eric Wareheim.

-We went to John Mulaney's sitcom pilot taping and enjoyed it, and then we ranked all the comedy picks from Amazon's new streaming original content.


-We published an improv class catalog.

-We looked at some of the comedians who almost made it to SNL from 1995 to present, the failure that was The Chevy Chase Show, Steve Allen's '80s variety show, and the merits of Sinbad's "clean comedy."

-We recommended the week's best comedy podcasts, which included Cheech and Chong on The Fogelnest Files and the second episode of Doug Stanhope's new show, the week's best Vine videos, and the Twitter feed of Sofiya Alexandra.


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