This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Sh*t Girls Say

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What happens when you take one of the funniest accounts on Twitter and reproduce it in video form? A glorious, dragtastic rundown of the shit girls say. If any of this sounds familiar, well, it should.

The rest of this week's top web comedy videos, including Real Housewives of South Boston, the world's worst surrogate mom, and a big ol' fight can be found over at Splitsider.

Other highlights from the week in comedy:

- This week, Louis C.K. released his new special on his website, which turned out to be a huge success. Plus he did a whole bunch of cool interviews, including one on Leno and an awesome Reddit AMA, in which he mentioned that he'd make a movie if we could just raise him $8 million. You think he'll take a check?


- We want to know what you think is the best sitcom episode of all time.

- We kept things going, holiday-special-wise, with Parks & Rec's "Christmas Scandal," 30 Rock, Tiny Toons Adventures, the Star Wars Holiday Special, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

- Oh, baby, it's a monologue from NY construction worker Larry Newsom.

- We checked out the uncomfortable talk show appearances of Charles Grodin.

- We studied Weird Al's weird mean streak.

- We examined Tracy Morgan's time on SNL.

- We spoke with standup Myq Kaplan about performing every night and the lure of Hollywood.


- We reviewed the stupendous, writerly, unnamed 1997 SNL book.

- We ventured into the bleak world of Danish humor.

- Do we like Garfield? Do we hate him? Who knows? Lasagna.

- We rapped on the funniest Childish Gambino lyrics.

- Hola, lost roles of Three Amigos. Buenas noches.

- We reviewed the darkly comic Young Adult.

- We watched the legendary Andy Kaufman/Jerry Lawler Letterman episode.

- We listened to those mix CD's we made back in '02.


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