This White Wheel Can (Unfortunately?) Make Any Room Your Office

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The Yill, designed by Werner Aisslinger for the Berlin-based renewable energy company Younicos, is a self-contained energy storage unit that can quickly and simply bring power to any room. Its lithium titanium battery, which can be charged by a standard outlet or renewable sources like solar cells, can serve up to 300 watts of electricity to those who really are determined to get their work done. Personally, "there was no sustainable battery pod around" seems like the perfect excuse not to do one's work.


The Yill's got a pull-out handle and wheelable design, like a suitcase, so you can tug it around easily to any space that needs power. It'll be on display at Milan Design week in April, converting Younicos' street-level garage into a workspace. I'm still gonna operate with the understanding that if there's no electricity around, I'm not going to be supplying my own.