When Rebecca Gallanagh was fitted with an electronic ankle bracelet after being arrested, she thought it was boring—so she decorated it using fake diamonds. Sadly, that didn't play very well with the authorities.

In fact, she was fined $220 by Secro, the security company who fitted the bracelet, for "compromising the integrity" of the device. Gallanagh claims, however, that "it was still working" just fine. She explains why she decorated the device to the Daily Mail:

"I did it to make me feel better about wearing it. I was quite proud of it. I like to bling things up, and wear blingy clothes and watches. It just matched my style."


Gallanagh was fitted with the electronic bracelet last November, after she was convicted of a public order offence for fighting outside a nightclub in Tamworth, UK. Maybe there's a niche market waiting to be tapped here. [Daily Mail]

Image by Caters News Agency

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