This YouTube Trove of Flight Videos Is an Aviation Nerd's Dream

Because of their ubiquity, it’s easy to forget how impressive airplanes are. But this treasure trove of videos on the YouTube channel JustPlanes, full of old and new footage alike of flights and pilot POVs, reminds us of the awesomeness of those big metal birds.


JustPlanes is popular on YouTube, with over a quarter million subscribers, but has apparently been selling films of flights since 1991. Indeed, some of the videos are clearly from VHS originals from the 1990s, so quality’s not exactly 4K HD—but they’re still cool to watch. A lot of them literally take you inside the cockpit.

Here’s what a 747 landing in Hong Kong at daybreak looks like, for example:

Take a tour of a Norwegian 787-8 Dreamliner bound for Bangkok and beyond: A run-through of technology in the cockpit, captain’s POV footage, and Movember-honoring pilots.

HD action of runways in Anchorage:

A collection of vintage footage of retro aircraft at NYC area airports:

From the pilots’ perspective, touching down in crappy conditions looks otherworldly:

And we’ll end with Concorde in flight at Hong Kong’s now defunct Kai Tak airport:

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Flavio Freitas

First landing of an A380 in San Francisco.