Three Extra Doses Of David Tennant — Plus A Doctor Who Movie?

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David Tennant steps down as star of Doctor Who at year's end, but we'll get more of his Doctor than expected. He's appearing in the spin-off Sarah Jane Adventures, a new animated story, and maybe a third mystery project. Meanwhile, the BBC confirmed a big-screen Who movie is in development.


The new animated storyline will be called "Dreamland," and it stars Tennant as the Doctor. Also starring: Georgia Moffett, who played the "Doctor's daughter" last year, but this time around she plays a character named Cassie Rice. And the fantastic David Warner (Tron, Time Bandits), the man who tortured Jean-Luc Picard and was in the running to play the Doctor himself at one point. (Warner has also appeared in a couple of Doctor Who audio plays.) And then there's Lisa Bowerman, who appeard in the final original Who story, "Survival," and also played the audio version of book companion Bernice Summerfield.

Written by Sarah-Jane Adventures scribe Phil Ford, the story consist of seven six-minute episodes, and it'll appear on Children's BBC and on the UK's red-button service. Like Tennant's Sarah Jane Adventures appearance, "Dreamland" will be appearing this fall.

Tennant already appeared in one other animated Doctor Who story, "The Infinite Quest," alongside Freema Agyeman, and that's now on DVD in the U.S. as well as the U.K. So you can expect "Dreamland" to turn up on DVD as well.

Meanwhile, the BBC released more details about Tennant's appearance on the Sarah Jane Adventures: apparently, the Doctor and Sarah Jane face their "biggest threat ever." And the monsters in the third season of Sarah Jane's spinoff include creatures who want to infect the Earth, and a "living painting."

And that's not all: producer Russell T. Davies hints that in addition to the SJA guest spot and the animated adventure, there may be a third David Tennant-related project unveiled before he finally steps down as the Doctor. Davies tells Doctor Who magazine that whatever this third project is, "it's worth waiting for!"

And then there's the news, from the BBC, that a big-screen Doctor Who film is definitely in the works. A spokeswoman for BBC films confirmed that "a script is in development." But the Beeb's entertainment correspondent cautions that there's no guarantee it'll actually get made, and it could be a long way off in any case.




David Warner, just off the top of my head, has been to Twin Peaks, the Planet of the Apes, Discworld, and interacted with more than one Star Trek crew. He has portayed Jor-el, Steel, Mycroft Holmes, the Doctor, Jack the Ripper, Hugo Rune, Lord Downey, Ras Al Ghul, and Evil (to name just a few). And you remember him for torturing Picard?