Three for iOS: Never Dress Inappropriately for the Weather Ever Again

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Ugh, you'll say, another beautiful, gradient-hued, minimalist iOS weather app. Thanks—I've already got five. But Three is different, we promise. Sure you get just the basic weather info without tons of bells and whistles, but the one bell and/or whistle you do have is a phenomenal one. Three has made it so you'll never be caught chilly at night without the proper layers, because it tells you exactly what to wear.


What does it do?

Displays the weather both in degree and in lovely gradient background that changes according to the current conditions and time of day. But its main feature is the list of three weather-appropriate clothing items, letting you know exactly how to best prepare. If you don't like what's being offered, you can hold an item and the app will replace it with a different suggestion. It even learns what you like over time, so it's almost like having a real, live human friend giving you advice—sort of.

Why do we like it?

The decision-making process is a horrible, horrible burden of mankind that should be avoided at all costs. Now with the bigger things, we usually have to buckle down and choose something, but why should we suffer in the privacy and comfort of our own homes?

Plus, even when you do check the weather in the morning as your prepare for the day, you'll often miss that afternoon shower or sudden heatwave coming up. Three takes that into account, making sure you know how to prepare for what's to come. Ideally there'd be a few more features—the chance of rain prediction, for instance, is key weather app staple thats conspicuously absent. So this would do best as a companion app to your perhaps fancier weather-telling friend. But in that context, a fantastic companion it is.

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The Best: Decisions are a thing of the past

The Worst: Limited features




Jesus Fucking Limpdick Christ. Are there REALLY people in this world who are such lame spineless sponges with eyes that they actually need to be told what to wear by a fucking iphone? We need a law that says anyone who buys an app like this should be forbidden to vote and forcibly sterilized.