Tiger Woods Hates Cameraphones, Has a Hot Wife

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Okay, the hot wife part doesn't have much to do with the story, but damn. She is smoking. Elin Nordegren, will you marry me?

Anyway, this past weekend Tiger clinched a win at the British Open, but there was a little bit of techie drama on the links. On multiple occasions Tiger was forced to break concentration on the tee because of the amount of amatuer picture being taken from cameraphones. Some golf tournaments stateside have banned cellphones from the links for spectators, but it is much harder to regulate this under British law. One of the commentators on Sunday said that cellphones are allowed for safety reasons.


Banning cellphones at events like this. Good? Bad? Any golfers out there want to weigh in. I personally don't golf but I could see the camera noises being a major distraction, especially in intense situations like the British Open. Regardless it must have not affected Tiger that much, he was able to clinch a win with a near-flawless performance. If you want to comment on this and don't have an account, hit up my personal Gizmodo e-mail addy that can be found on the left side, and I'll hook you up.

Tiger snaps at fans taking photographs [MSNBC via Reuters]

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