Time Warner Cable Out of HD DVR Units

It seems cable companies like Time Warner and Comcast were not prepared for the boom of HDTV because they are regularly running out of HD DVR boxes for customers. Time Warner says that the wait for an HD DVR box is two to three weeks because of the high demand. A commenter over at Zatz had to wait four months for an HD box through Comcast. So, Super Bowl-inspired Time Warner HD upgraders are SOL, more or less. It's okay—just because Brian Urlacher won't be in glorious 720p for some doesn't mean that he won't still eat Peyton Manning alive.


HDTV DVR Shortage [Via ZatzNotFunny]



Peyton will see Brian Urlacher in HD ( hurting definition ).

My Comcast installer tried 3 units before he could find one that worked, they were units he picked up that day from moves/cancel customers. They had no NEW units.