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Timeless Season Two Will Remind Viewers History Isn't 'Just a Bunch of Rich Old White Dudes'

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

NBC scifi drama Timeless got a second lease on life last year when it was revived after being briefly canceled. Now, the folks involved with Timeless say the time travel adventure’s second season will be offering a more expansive and inclusive survey of American history.


An article in USA Today debuted the clip above and cites upcoming episodes that will feature slave liberator Harriet Tubman, blues legend Robert Johnson, and iconic Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr. Executive producer Eric Kripke says that focusing on diverse historical figures is part of a concerted effort to show that history isn’t “just a bunch of rich old white dudes.”

Malcolm Barrett, who plays engineer Rufus, echoes the sentiment, saying Timeless is a “great opportunity to show a mirror to society, to reflect history and also to represent a huge section of the public whose views are under-represented.”


Other historical figures coming to Timeless season two include scientist Marie Curie, suffragette activist Alice Paul, and black race-car pioneer Wendell Scott. The new season starts this Sunday on NBC.

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