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the most important election of our lifetimes Claims Facebook Is Stealing Their Timelines' Mojo

Illustration for article titled Claims Facebook Is Stealing Their Timelines Mojo (note the "s") has filed suit against Facebook over their new Timeline feature. Because no one has ever thought of putting significant dates along a line before.


According to their site, "enables people like you to collaboratively record, discover and share history. It's history recorded by the people, for the people." Actually, it's a cool idea but not exactly what Facebook is doing with their Timeline feature.

The trademark infringement suit claims that Facebook's Timeline feature could "quite possibly eliminate' their entire business. The suit also claims that Facebook has hijacked "Timelines" Internet traffic. A quick Google search does show Facebook as the first result. But, doesn't even appear on the first page. They also state that Facebook hijacked But as of press time, that hijacking seems to have ended. Unfortunately, doesn't have a robust Facebook timeline for us to see who else they've stolen ideas from. [TechCrunch]


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New facebook just seems like an evolution of the feature they had before which they ended up tucking it away. You could define relationships between people and the classes they went together in what year etc. etc.