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If you're not paying attention to Tink yet, now is a perfect time to remedy that. Her latest, "Sounds Good," will leave you baffled that this hotness is coming from someone who's only 19.

Tink is a rapper/singer/can't-really-be-pigeonholed artist out of Chicago who's a little bit R&B, a little bit rap, and a whole lotta perfect. Her sound is a bit 90s-influenced. Tell me you can't hear the TLC influence in there. She has a couple mixtapes under her belt, and she's working on an album with legendary producer Timbaland. "Sounds Good " isn't even the Timbaland stuff either. It's a good intro to Tink, who's probably about to blow (and she should).


Here's "Don't Tell Nobody," a track she did with Jeremih. Also excellent!

And "Used 2 Know," terrific as well.


I like Tink because she fucking says it and puts it out there. And hip hop, rap, R&B, et al is such a boys club, we desperately need more women putting it out there like Tink. By it I mean the all-powerful IT: her sexuality, her feelings, and real raw emotions in a way that makes you think, man, this chick can't be just 19.

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This is...my jam. Excellent. My wife pretty much vacillates between 90s hip-hop and modern terrible pop-country, so I have a feeling she'll like this as well.

While we're on the subject of precocious voices, here's a 24-year-old British dude with a crazily mature-sounding voice. I've been listening to this album non-stop ever since I first heard him do the end-credits song for Edge of Tomorrow. All of his songs begin with a sort of self-aware earnestness that almost makes me inclined to mock him for it, but as the songs go on, it all just feels utterly sincere, and the choruses are uniformly awesome. The whole album, Tribute, is quite solid.

Here's that end-credits song:

And here's another I quite like: