If you're not paying attention to Tink yet, now is a perfect time to remedy that. Her latest, "Sounds Good," will leave you baffled that this hotness is coming from someone who's only 19.

Tink is a rapper/singer/can't-really-be-pigeonholed artist out of Chicago who's a little bit R&B, a little bit rap, and a whole lotta perfect. Her sound is a bit 90s-influenced. Tell me you can't hear the TLC influence in there. She has a couple mixtapes under her belt, and she's working on an album with legendary producer Timbaland. "Sounds Good " isn't even the Timbaland stuff either. It's a good intro to Tink, who's probably about to blow (and she should).

Here's "Don't Tell Nobody," a track she did with Jeremih. Also excellent!

And "Used 2 Know," terrific as well.

I like Tink because she fucking says it and puts it out there. And hip hop, rap, R&B, et al is such a boys club, we desperately need more women putting it out there like Tink. By it I mean the all-powerful IT: her sexuality, her feelings, and real raw emotions in a way that makes you think, man, this chick can't be just 19.

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