Tireless Samsung Wants iPhone 4S Ban in Japan and Australia

Quixotic patent commando Samsung continues its doomed crusade against Apple, pushing for more national bans against the sale of the iPhone 4S. This time? Japan and Australia, where Sammy's lawyers say Apple's stealing mobile tech. This is getting sad.


According to the WSJ and FOSS Patents, Samsung's crying foul over Apple's elements of 3G wireless connectivity, and the use of an Airplane Mode icon. Yep. Accusations that mundane and flimsy will doubtfully gain traction in court—particularly in Australia, where Apple's already emerged victorious.

So what's the end game here? A lot of legal fees for Samsung as it continues its offensive around the world, no iPhone sales injunctions, maybe some boring licensing concessions by Apple, and, otherwise, business as usual. The WSJ quotes Samsung's president, right before he took off for what must have been a somewhat uncomfortable trip to Steve Jobs' memorial service: "Apple is one of Samsung's most important clients, and we have developed a solid partnership. But that's a separate matter from the legal disputes between the two companies in areas where they compete." That a company could both profit from and fight (legally) viciously against another company is comical, to say the least. But this isn't the first time, and the spat's far from over. [WSJ and FOSS Patents]


Kaiser Acore

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