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Samsung Already Trying To Ban the iPhone 5

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The next iPhone will be out soon, and Samsung's legal team is going to be nice and ready for it: the company's told the Korea Times that it's already working on a national sales ban. Somehow I doubt Apple's worried.

If a Korean court granted Samsung the injunction, it'd be an unprecedented victory in the tedious patent slap fight between the two companies (during which only Apple has landed a few slaps). Once again, Samsung claims the iPhone 5 will step on its own patents. Will it prevail? Probably not. The company's been unable to prove its case before judges around the world, and given the likelihood that the 5 will be largely similar to its predecessor, their luck isn't likely to improve. This sounds more like chest-thumping than legal prowess. [Korea Times via Apple Insider]