Samsung Already Trying To Ban the iPhone 5

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The next iPhone will be out soon, and Samsung's legal team is going to be nice and ready for it: the company's told the Korea Times that it's already working on a national sales ban. Somehow I doubt Apple's worried.


If a Korean court granted Samsung the injunction, it'd be an unprecedented victory in the tedious patent slap fight between the two companies (during which only Apple has landed a few slaps). Once again, Samsung claims the iPhone 5 will step on its own patents. Will it prevail? Probably not. The company's been unable to prove its case before judges around the world, and given the likelihood that the 5 will be largely similar to its predecessor, their luck isn't likely to improve. This sounds more like chest-thumping than legal prowess. [Korea Times via Apple Insider]

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Paris Arrowsmith

No stop it. Will everyone please stop runing the consumers fun just because they want to 'mark their territory'. We're not comparing penises here. It's tech and we should just agree to just have good stuff that isn't too similar. Blimey, I mean really we KNOW when something is too similar, there is NO WAY that they know what the 5 looks/feels/sings like so stop being a pooface and let the masses enjoy their new toy you big boring poo samsung.