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A TiVo partnership with Blockbuster was uncovered at the TiVo store, where the DVR service was offering a Blockbuster Online subscription (that's the Netflix clone) for $13-$15 extra per month. The deal locks you into the contract with Blockbuster for a year. We'd rather be locked in a cage with a wrestling bear.

It's not surprising that TiVo would go running to Blockbuster for a deal, after its possible Netflix pact that held so much promise now seems dead in the water. We're just wondering what receiving a bunch of DVDs in the mail has to do with TiVo, unless, of course, this portends some movement with some sort of video-on-demand (VOD) deal with Blockbuster. Is it us, or is it dopey that Blockbuster and Netflix are not first movers in the VOD space? Bits instead of atoms, right?


TiVo Two Times Netflix, Promotes Blockbuster [Zatz Not Funny]