TiVo Desktop 2.3 Released, Includes iPod/PSP Conversion

Good news everyone TiVo users! The TiVO Desktop 2.3 is out and it's only going to cost you $24.95. Why would you pay for an upgrade you don't even think you want? Well, it's because TiVo had to license technology in order to provide you iPod/PSP/Cellphone conversion capabilities. That's right, now you can convert your TiVo recorded shows directly into iPod/PSP/Treo format without having to use a third party program. Then again, third party programs like Videora are free, which this ain't.

The other notable new feature is the scheduling of transfers from your TiVo to your PC so you can be ready to take your recordings to you when you head out to work.


After the jump, some screens courtesy of Zatz Not Funny

TiVo Desktop Version 2.3 for Windows [TiVo via TiVoBlog]

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