To the Surprise of Absolutely No One, Star Trek: Discovery Will Return for a Fourth Season

Michael Burnham is all of us.
Gif: CBS

At least this time, there isn’t a showrunner change?

As the third season of the Star Trek series that kicked off this new golden age of Trek has hit CBS All Access (and Netflix internationally) this week, CBS has officially confirmed that yes, indeed, its very successful Star Trek show will continue to be a thing for a good while yet.


Alongside a new video including stars Sonequa Martin-Green and Doug Jones, and co-showrunners Michelle Paradise and Alex Kurtzman, it’s confirmed that the new season enters production in a matter of weeks on November 2. The cast and crew will navigate a strange new world—sorry, wrong Star Trek show—of filming the Discovery’s adventures in the far future of the 32nd century right here in 2020, as the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to impact film and TV sets across the world.

Given the news earlier this week that franchise architect Kurtzmann has pitched plans for more Trek all the way up until 2027 at the very least, it’s hardly a shock to learn that Michael Burnham and the crew will be on board for that. But it’s still nice to hear it officially.

Star Trek: Discovery’s third season is currently airing on CBS All Access.

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Oh it’s a shock to the Trekker Proud Boy conspiracy theorists on YouTube. I got into a tiff in the YouTube comments for a clip of Disco S1 on CBS (i thought it was new footage when I clicked it) because someone claimed “thank god [Disco] is ending after season 3,” and I was like wtf are you talking about? They haven’t announced anything and they’re not going to cancel the Trek show they started CBS All Access with. We had a few exchanges until he said something to the extent of I need to watch the real videos and take the red pill. At which point I realized he meant the misogyny laden complaint videos about how Disco and Picard (which he claimed did poorly for the service... seriously) are ruining Trek, at which point I was like, I don’t have time for this nonsense. Disco didn’t have the best start and it’s not my favorite and it’s certainly kicking our thoughts of where the Federation went in the proverbial balls, but I liked season 2 enough, I loved Picard, I think Lower Decks is as good as season 2 of Disco. It’s on par if not better than the reboot movies and Star Trek V. I’m honestly really excited for Strange New Worlds or whatever the Pike spin-off is called. It’ll be nice to be back aboard the Enterprise, it was awesome seeing her in Disco S2.