From: Ben
To: Barcelona

Goodbye Barcelona,

We're finally wrapping up our coverage of 3GSM. But we've got a couple more phone stories that should wean you off gracefully, Like our 5 favorite phones behind glass. Also there's a shiny gallery of the Motorola Z8 banana-slider & Q9 smartphone for your viewing pleasure. Oh and keep this quiet, we've got some patent drawings of the iPhones dock. And for you Apple haters there's also a hands on with the OpenMoko Neo1973 anti-iPhone.


But there are even things to do besides finding all the latest phone goodness coming out of Spain. For instance you could play with kid-sized Tetris blocks, check out the new Sports Illustrated iPod undies, or even give your hopping remote-control lederhosen a go.


What ever you choose to do at least you'll have a better time then the Giz staff that's flying all the way back to the States from Barcelona. Too bad they couldn't use that Quiet Supersonic plane to get home.