You too can fly cross-country in 2 hours, that is, if you can ever get your hands on a Lockheed Martin Quiet Supersonic Transport (QSST)—a 12 person luxury plane that can hit over 1,100 MPH. But unlike its daddy, the Concord, this plane can muffle its sonic boom to 1/100 the strength. That means you won't be limited to flying over the ocean, so you can take this baby across the country without disturbing anyone.

The way the QSST is able to keep itself so quiet lies in its aerodynamics. Instead of creating two large booms like most supersonic planes, the QSST is designed to create many smaller ones. (boom, boom boom, boom, boom.)


Gizmodo sure could use one of these to get to all of the tech conventions around the world. Especially since I get so bored on long flights that Chen said that I'm like sitting next to a toddler.

All Sonic, No Boom [PopSci]