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Wow, aren't we surprised. A nice, heartfelt post about Apple's new iPod addition to 7-Eleven turned into an all out war from 7-Eleven fanboys nationwide. Now while some people simply debated which drink fit the 7-eleven stereotype more: Slurpee or Big Gulp, some of you got a little angry, including the following e-mailer:

If you actually had any knowledge of 7/11 you will know that many of their stores are located in extremely high scale and upper class neighborhoods so the selling of iPods would make sense in some locations. Second of all, with the iPod generation, the Slurpee is a much more popular drink than the Big Gulp. Get your facts right.


Upper-class neighborhoods eh? Oh, I guess that explains how this and this happens. We here at Gizmodo drink more Big Gulps and Slurpees than the average bear, and we have nothing but love for 7-Eleven. But 7/11 sure ain't Whole Foods.

iPod to 7-Eleven [Gizmodo]

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