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Tokyo Game Show 2006: Where's J Allard?

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Ashcraft continues Kotaku's tradition of "creepily stalking" J Allard, who's actually been fairly difficult to find. Like a fat man's genitals, you may spend a lot of time looking, but once you find it you're not sure it was worth the trouble.


J's been working on the Zune in the States, but his first love is still the Xbox 360. Bodyguard, shmodyguard. Nobody can resist the combination of Ashcraft and McWhertor, two guys I still can't tell apart.


TGS06: Where Is Our J? [Kotaku]

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So I was thinking to myself - what sort of whitty jizz can I come up with to impress these here folks @ the Giz... and well it came to me in a vision... an epiphany... a soul stirring flash to my mind!!! I was really lame and my only hope would be to share some cool facts!!

And then I realized that I didn't really know anything that they didn't already know... at least at this time... but I'd really been hankering for a long time to get a comment login... and I was ready to do something serious to get one... like invent something really cool - or at least like sacrifice the 300 GB porn filled Hard Drive (with Perpendicular Heads Technology) that I bought off ebay "as-is" to the Gods of Fire and toilet eating scum...

And then I saw this comment - directly above... and I though, wait a sec! By Jove!! Maybe I don't have to be as intelligent as I was thinking I had to be... so I promise to be really good and only post those intelligent comments or mildly humerous and no flamewars! cross my heart.

Sincerely - Brett!