Tokyoflash Rogue Proves Tokyoflash Still Has the Flash

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Just when we'd sort of gotten over Tokyoflash's watch design, they announce the Rogue, a wristpiece that refreshes their LED-driven sci-fi style while staying true to their confounding time-telling design. The death-green flavor LCD is standard on the Rogue, but the watch comes in silver and gunmetal (otherwise known as the two official best man colors evar). However, even with Tokyoflash's helpful cheat sheet, just how one actually tells time with this watch left us scratching our heads:

The outer ring of small dots represents minutes, every fifth dot being slightly smaller to distinguish five minute groups. The ring of large blocks represents rough minutes, the position of the gap indicating approximate minutes in groups of five. The inner ring of blocks represents hours, the position of the gap in the ring showing the current hour as on a clock face.

But if the display made sense without solving complex algorithms to decode, it just wouldn't boost your ego the same way after leaving friends and loved ones feeling stupid. Available for $161, the Rogue ships free worldwide. [Tokyoflash]

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so the rough minutes are useless?

why couldn't they give me

mon-sun or sun-sat

and months!

and what is the inner ring just before the hours?

I want a with counters of "The Predator"'s on arm computer! All it needs is a count down timer so I can set it to chill beer, and so I can make people think I'm going to self detonate while I laugh!