TomTom Gets Sexy...For A Price

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Jessica Ogden is a designer. She designs things. One of these things is a 300 couture bag for TomTom navigation devices. Designed for the TomTom GO and TomTom MOBILE 5 models, the bag is a stylish little sack designed not for protection, but for fashion. TomTom also has plans for a competition for design students to design their very own fashionable TomTom bag. The winner then gets a chance to work with the queen of silkscreen, Jessica Ogden! OMG! Last I checked, Miss Ogden was seen using a TomTom device to track her way to the land of the useless products, right over there next to N-Gage wasteland. If you gotta have it, be my guest and shell out over half a grand, but I say just go to the supermarket and ask for an extra plastic bag next time.

TomTom gets couture wrap [Gadget Candy]


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